Tail of the Rats


Age: 54


Tim Anson began his career at the age of 19 as a professional Sink-ball player for the New Yeseks in the Benk State. He was thought to be the next up and coming superstar but it was all cut short at the age of 21 when he flew into a rage and kicked the opposition’s Third Cradle Backer in the head, breaking his neck and killing him. The player was Herman Tan, No. 50 of The Geklin Singer’s. After the investigation was complete it was discovered that Anson had illegal muscle tech implants and was using performance enhancing drugs deemed illegal by the BSL. Anson was sentenced to 40 years in prison, however, 6 years after being sentenced, the prison went bankrupt and Anson was sent to the City of Mitoll to serve the rest of his sentence in indentured labour. After 3 years he killed his Supervisor and escaped into the city. One day when he was in a small bar in Palista he killed three thugs who were about to attack a man from behind, it turned out that he prevented an assassination attempt on the life of Rat Snr. After seeing his abilities, he was invited to join The Rat’s as an enforcer. He quickly rose through the ranks and was recently named as Tail and serves as General of the military power of the gang.

Kick50 is currently being held against his will by the Bamu-Hara


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