Dispassionate Hitman for the Ul-Pesca Rats


Nikolai is a hitman and member of the Ul-Peska Rats.
One of the most dangerous members of the Rats Ul-Peska faction, he regularly performs contract hits for the gang, as well as a range of other work including providing protection, debt collecting and security.

Early Life
Nikolai was born into a conservative criminal family living in Vyrwood. His family was heavily involved in crime, which exposed Niko to pistols at a very young age. His parents regularly abused him which forced him to leave home early. As a young man, Niko met a man by the name of Absen, who took him under his wing and mentored him in the discipline of Akido as well as training him in the use of firearms.

Criminal Career
Niko performed his first murder as a teen, with more occurring regularly as he got older. He was discovered quite early by a number of gangs; and later corporations, which regularly hired him for low grade work. This gave Niko the practice he needed to perfect his skills.

He is suspected to have been involved in the murder of about 50 individuals, but many estimates believe the amount to be as many as 200.

Preferring to work alone, Niko is known for his dispassionate methods, seemingly able to ignore all emotion while he is working. Niko is known to kill first and ask questions later, especially If it is advantageous or more efficient for any particular situation.


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