Rat Jnr.

Tail of the Rats, In Prison.


Age: 49


Rufus A. Toa Jnr, was raised to have a vast understanding in the organisation and financial matters of the gang while remaining behind the scenes. His father, Rat Snr was very protective of his safety so he was very rarely seen on the streets up until his early 20’s but received an education from his mentor Pesh. At age 33 Pesh insisted that Rat Jnr be given control of the organisational matters of the gang. At the age of 35 Rat Jnr was involved in a raid and was arrested by law enforcement. He was sentenced to life in the Flotilla on three counts of murder and the attempted murder of two high ranking city officials. The raid was believed to be organised by Velvet Roads and sparked violent street wars that killed over 70 gang members and 34 civilians.

Rat Jnr. is serving his life sentence in the Flotilla.

Rat Jnr.

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