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  • A masterful execution

    Niko inspected the new rifle that Sev had handed to him earlier that day. It was exquisite. Brand new, with no imperfections. To Niko, the rifle was magnificent. It was quite light, made of some very high grade polymer most likely, even Niko could not …

  • T-Squad Zero

    Former Gang operating in central Ul-Pesca. Known to operate illegal street racing, out of the abandoned theater. Recently however, their gang leader was shot dead after responding too an explosion near their alleged base of operations. There is a lot …

  • Ul-Pesca

    Ul-Pesca District Description

    Notable Location

    The Docks Lemon Twist Scrapyard Peach Palace (Ruins) Theater (Ruins) School Ul-Pesca School Grub Farm Ul-Pesca Dump Gigs Guns (Add in whatever!)

  • Puzzlers

    Former gang from Ul-Pesca Rumor has it that a rival gang called the Rats may have had something to do with their downfall.

  • Firemen

    A gang operating out of Ul-Pesca. Not much is known about them besides the insurance/protection racket they run.

  • Rats

    Overview The Rats are a large gang that are currently operating in [[Ul-Pesca | Ul-Pesca]]. After a bit of turmoil following the death of Rat Snr. due to unknown internal conflict, the Rats have managed to consolidate their power structure in …

  • Nikolayev

    Nikolai is a hitman and member of the [[Ul-Pesca | Ul-Peska]] [[Rats | Rats]]. One of the most dangerous members of the Rats Ul-Peska faction, he regularly performs contract hits for the gang, as well as a range of other work including providing …