The origins of the Bamu-Hara go back 24 years ago, to a moderately known, all female band named the Ladyz of COLOUR! who had a very fanatical cult following. They were known for their blunt radical views; Opposing the Corporate machine, female empowerment, world peace and drug abuse.

The band was managed by a shady talent company known as BIG BELLOWS, who exploited the band and used their fame to eliminate competitors and make a fortune on substances. One morning, the bands lead singer known as Bamu-Hara, was found naked, bound and stabbed to death in the bed of BIG BELLOWS CEO Minkus Chello. Chello was found innocent. The following week the band rallied their followers and stormed the BIG BELLOWS building and set it alight. The fire burned in an array of different coloured flames, illuminating the sky with plumes of rainbow smoke. As the building burnt, The Ladyz of COLOUR! emerged upon the collapsing rooftop and didn’t stop playing until all sound was consumed by the inferno. In memorial the fans named themselves the Whores of Bamu-Hara, and started a riot that spread across Vyrewood. The riot lasted two days before the Gong Lin security managed to take control.

Today, the Bamu Hara is one of the most powerful syndicates in the City of Mitoll, however the more power the group obtained, the less attached they have become to some of the principle virtues of their origins.


Giba Donjo
Mandy Marlay

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