Players may encounter those who believe in the Sentinel. Here is a brief overview that skips the minor details.

In the year 1617 (The Age of Sail) the king of Resstai (One of the largest kingdoms at the time) was sailing back from the Odahla Passage (Archipelago east of Resstai) when a gigantic meteorite hit an island close by. When they approached the crash site they found gigantic metallic sphere with strange symbols carved upon its surface. After investigating, they discovered a strange, severely injured man with pale violet skin and wore wispy cloth that wove around his body. The king took the man back to his ship were his own Odalanese medicine men was able to heal him.
After a week in recovery the man told the king that he was from a paradise hidden among the stars, and for saving the mans life, he promised humanities place in paradise if they would be able to reach it. The alien man gave the king a small purple crystal and told him that once they reached the stars, the jewel would guide them. The man entered the sphere and it flew off into space.
The King sailed back to Resstai and told his people of what happened. The news quickly spread, inventors and scientists from around the known world gathered too Resstai and it sparked a sudden boom in industry and technology. It was the beginning of an industrial age that advanced western technology 300 years further than the rest of the known world. The Resstai kingdom used this technological boom to conquer and discover new territories and it wasn’t until they discovered the “Land of the Sun” (equivalent to India) where they met their match.

The legend of the Sentinel spread far and wide. It’s main, blunt message: do whatever you can to stay alive long enough to reach paradise. While this message promotes a productive, healthy lifestyle, it’s lack of a promised afterlife often causes a lot of people to get paranoid. This paranoia of death in combination with a technological snowball, fueled an exploitative consumer-capitalist economy that exploded into a cyberpunk dystopia.

Today, the true beliefs of the Sentinel is left up to those rich enough to worry about it. Most lower to middle class westerner followers tend to prefer to believe more in the message then the end goal. Go through life day by day, while trying to live healthy and productive lifestyles.


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