The Name of the Mother


Players may encounter Male characters with Female names. This is due to eastern cultures having a tradition for a son to take his mothers name. One example is If a woman was to die during child birth, the son would be given his mothers name to honour her sacrifice.

It was also the case in some cultures for a woman to give her son her name should she give the child up. It was said that as a consequence of giving up a child for self-beneficial purposes, the mother’s soul would be doomed. In order to save it, she would have to give the child her name, transferring her soul to the child’s, thus protecting it. The mother would have to wait at the gates of heaven until the child died, and even then, would not be aloud through the gates unless the child forgave the mother, and relinquished the soul.

Nowadays, this is seen as more of a superstition. Most Mitollian orphans will be given a woman’s name as a sign of good luck.

The Name of the Mother

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