Virtual Reality

The War of Avahst

The War of Avahst (WoA) is a Massive Multiplayer Online Virtual Reality Sandbox Role Playing Game designed by GAMES OF PARADISE Int.. The setting is a medieval fantasy world, where players can do just about anything. Learn magic, fight with ancient weapons, command troops or just explore a universe full of godly wonders. WoA’s history is full of controversy, tragedy and mystery but is still one of the most prized forms of entertainment in the world. WoA NPC’s were coded using a less sophisticated version of an A.I. brain developed by HOMELIFE IND. They were made to be able to develop a responsive vocabulary and adapt to certain situations depending on the players actions. It also employs one of the most sophisticated anti-hacking protection in the world.

It was released in 2070 and sold for $140 with a monthly subscription fee of $25.The VR tech it used was similar to that of the NET INVADER. A players mind would be transported to a Lobby where they would be placed into servers based on personal preferences. Ten years after it’s release, it’s popularity exploded and reached a peak of 300,000,000 con-current users. It was regarded as one of the most addictive forms of entertainment in the world and caused a large number of health problems to it’s players. In the year of 2089, something happened that is still known today as one of the greatest unsolved technological mysteries ever to occur.


In 2089 players on one of the servers began to report that one of the game’s main antagonists, “The Shadow King” was exhibiting bizarre behavior. Some examples pulled from the game logs show that players were seeing the kings sprite flash in and out of random locations, and appearing before PC’s and killing them.

Logs from one of the admins, Alonincia Stevens show that she began to receive help tickets from an unknown player and when she would try to reply via messages, she would only receive paragraphs of text from some of the in-game novels used for Lore purposes. The decision was made to temporarily remove the King from the server until all the bugs could be fixed, however, the King’s coding was missing and couldn’t be located…

At 3:30am on the 23rd of October, 2089, the entire server became corrupted and vanished, and The Shadow king disappeared form the game entirely. The 80,000 players and 333 admins connected to the server at the time were reduced to a husk. Their organs remained fully functional but somehow, all brain activity and consciousness was gone. It was later discovered in the game logs that before the server was corrupted, the admins received a message in one of the in game languages. Translated, it reads: “Thus I speak godly words and thus, the loom will weave. I am lost to you as you are lost to me.” The day after the incident the CEO of GAMES OF PARADISE Int. offered an official apology and vowed that something like this would never happen again.

33 Years later today, WoA remains as popular as ever and there has been no recurrences of anything like the 2089 incident and it has been written off as an anomaly. Although, there have been reports of a strange ghost that takes the form of a young, four-armed man, that appears before PC’s and warns them of danger. Admins have dismissed this as some sort of bug but will monitor these players activity to be certain.

As the War between the Benk state and the Gong Lin continued to wage the company has stopped all digital play-time payments to those outside of the Benk state. People outside the Benk state may only buy game time with Game Cards which, unfortunately, cannot be purchased wholesale outside the Benk state, making Game Cards quite a valuable commodity.

Virtual Reality

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