Suspect in Snr. murder


28 years old

The girl grew up in Palista working’ as a Freelance Net runner.
Apparently she was picked up by Pesh 11 months ago to do a job involving the Free runner
I found out that the job was to falsify emails from a certain delivery company that operated in the cities outskirts and refused the Rat’s business proposal, which ended up in three members being sent to the Flotilla. The email was to be heavily encrypted and possess the delivery companies network signature, so the Nomads could verify its authenticity. It falsely detailed a hit and run involving a delivery driver and the brother of the Nomad matriarch Annadine. Annadine’s brother had apparently disappeared 2 weeks prior. It told the recipient to ‘sweep the incident under the rug and dispose of the corpse in the incinerator’
It seems it was successful. The nomads hit the company vehicles and blew up the headquarters. Annadine sent her son Dodgson to work for the rats as ‘repayment’ for the email.
With the help of Midnight I was able to determine that Darling was seen leaving Seniors mansion the night of his murder. We conclude that she was the one who disabled the alarms, manipulated the camera footage. Midnight also thinks that she may have been the one to report Sev’s involvement to the police, but we cannot be sure as the initial report did not come through regular police channels but through BENK security… If so we should assume BENK’s involvement but for what purpose I have no idea…

1oh9 is a recluse and a social misfit but her talent in networks and hacking can make her very dangerous and she is not to be underestimated. She apparently has extensive cyber work done to her face but we weren’t able to find out what.

O’mally could not find her current location but we learned that her NET pimp use to operate in the cyber-market in Vyrewood ‘The Underline’.



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