Suspect in Snr. murder


Whiskers is… fuck knows how old.

‘Whiskers’ was thought to be a rat all his life. Just a scum bag street kicker. Hes not.
at some point this kid took the place of the actual rat known as whiskers. He was a fucking plant but for who, fuck only knows… how he managed to blend in or for how long exactly, we don’t know that either only that one of the emails we ‘obtained’ from Pesh’s black-network was sent to the guy known as ‘Whiskers’. It read “I hear that actors that run around without proper management often get dumped in the dirt. What i’m offering you will make you a true star instead of rat food. It will be the only chance of your lifetime. I suggest you take it” the email was three years old… Three years and i had no clue. No one did seemingly. Why did Pesh keep this kid around?

We found ‘Whiskers’ was involved after looking into Goldfish. Whiskers apparently convinced Goldfish to meet wish somone named BigBoss from the velvet roads. We are not sure what They discussed but the meeting place was set up in a workers bar in the PLAX Industrial Zone. later on we managed to track him in Palista. He was in a car with the Taboo and Marcy. However they managed to lose us in a crossfire between BENK security and GONG LIN forces.

This guy is obviously very skilled in deception and quite the manipulator. May have cyberwork done…



Ballad of the Rats mittdodd